01 July 2013

Life Lately | June

Hello again friends! I think about this space so often but for now posts have been sprinkled here and there. I hope one day there will be more of a rhythm around here. For me blogging started out as an inspiration journal and then shifted to personal blogging soon after we found out we'd be expecting our first child (this kept family back home connected). More recently this space has continued to be a place to share on a personal level but simply in a different way. I'd like to bring back documenting snippets of our daily life. While I'd like to think I'll remember all the simple things that bringing me joy these days, or every sweet detail about Brayden, the reality is that many details will slowly slip away. I'd love to have this space as a sweet reminder of all those simple joys.

These days we're taking full advantage of B.T. Mac's (a favorite nick name of mine for Braydenbike seat. It's a time where we both can enjoy being outdoors while relaxing. These past few days have been warmer but not unbearable as some of you may be experiencing. Brayden is loving filling water balloons in the yard followed by "pop it!" as he throws it into the air. His water guns have also become a favorite of his. One of my favorite times with him is right before nap time & bed time when we lay down and read some of his favorite books (a list of those coming in my next post). We both like playing a little game where I ask him where his facial features are and he then quickly points with big smile on his face. My favorites to ask him are his boca (mouth) and his dientes (teeth) where he opens up his mouth wide and gives me a big ol' grin. I've noticed most of his verbal communication is in English so I'm really making an extra effort to stick to communicating in Spanish with him followed by an English translation. Oh, and those PJs he's wearing are some of his favorites right now. The photo was taken before bed when he decided he really wanted to wear his hat. PJs and a fedora? Okay, that works! At just past two years old Brayden has learned if Mimi (my mom) or Mama say no to something to quickly start calling out for Papa (my dad). We're working on this little detail 0_o

Overall, we're all simply loving watching him grow into the little person that he is becoming. It's such a sweet season in life and I am so thankful for the wonderful healthy little boy I have. I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope to be back soon! xo