09 May 2013

Favorites | Little Learning

Arrow | I would love to find a learning community for my little one like this!

Montessori Book | Currently I am reading this book but plan on simultaneously going through Teaching Montessori In The Home: The Pre-school Years. While pregnant with Brayden I didn't dig into parenting books but am learning the value of these types of books.

Endless Alphabet | This is such a great free app! The little monsters make it fun to learn alphabet sounds and the app is so well designed.  I like the idea of introducing a more complex vocabulary even at the age B is at right now.

Brayden is at such a fun age where we can all see how much knowledge he is soaking up on a daily basis. So friends, do you have any favorite apps you like for you little one or are there any parenting books that you've really enjoyed? Please share!