06 April 2013

Brayden Thomas | Two

We're just two short weeks away from our sweet boy turning two. This year the celebration will look different in many ways but will undoubtably still be joyous and wonderful. I opted to build up Brayden's library and created a book wish list. I love that Tommy's mom & aunt suggested the idea. The list started with 10 books and quickly turned into a list of 45 items (there are great children's CDs sprinkled throughout the list).

His first birthday was simple and sweet with a casual park picnic with those who had consistently been in our sons life for his first year. I remember at the end of the day thinking how grateful I was for a healthy baby boy and the tribe (as Mary so well puts it) of people helping us along the way. I felt lucky in so many ways.

The day had turned out great in every aspect. It was a beautiful sunny day in Washington which in April it's still a gamble as to whether there will be rain or shine. Keeping the party details extremely simple made it easy to focus on what we were celebrating, our son. I hope to share details from that day throughout the month. For now, take a peek at these sweet celebrations.


Birthday Party | So many lovely details in this little girl's first birthday party. Custom temporary tattoos are fun and I absolutely love the idea of dinner on wheels at a party hosted at home.

Sixtieth Birthday | My favorite detail is the photos displayed along the tables!

Baby Shower | One of the sweetest baby shower's I have ever seen. It's modern simplicity done well. My favorite details at this party: the "happy lady" bags, along with the baby naming game (and tags!) and matching the baby photo.

Photo | Cloud Bookcases found via Pinterest