12 April 2013

Life Lately | Belonging

Do you ever find yourself in a place where you're not even really sure where to start? I am feeling that way about shifting our lives from our small Washington home to two shared spaces in California.

While I feel entirely welcomed in both my parent's home & my kind in-loves (in-laws) I still cannot help but feel so out of place at times. Earlier last week I found myself in an empty house going through one of our moving boxes. I took about an hour to sort through some small items, including my inexpensive (yet loved) jewelry and other miscellaneous bathroom belongings. At the end of two hours I had added a handful of items to my "no longer need" box, some items had been tossed in the trash and some went back into a smaller box looking much more organized than before. Was there a significant difference in how Tommy's old bedroom looked? No, not really. It still looked like a sea of boxes with a bed somewhere lost in it but I still felt accomplished at the end of that quiet time sorting through some things.

It's important for me to create a space for B and I to feel like we belong, like we fit. We're so blessed with a loving family that welcomes us into their homes but currently this doesn't ensure a feeling of belonging.

Our son's sweet smile already tells me he feels at home here. Part of that "we fit here" feeling is creating a space for us in both homes where he feels he belongs, where we feel we belong. Of course, I also want him to feel comfortable with things getting a bit messy at times. It's all a balance. Here's to a weekend of editing out those items we no longer need & to slowly creating a space for us.

Photo | Huntington Beach, CA