09 August 2013

Life Lately

I think it's about time for another Brayden Thomas update! He just keeps getting better. There have been so many sweet moments as his little personality comes out more and more every day. Yesterday he handed me his pacifier (totally still has one for nap time and bed time) as I laid on the bed and he then kissed me on the cheek and said "goodnight" just before leaving the room. He's learned that aww comes in various tones. When Nemo's daddy is sad (a current favorite movie of his) a sad "aww" comes out and when he's a happy clown fish B changes things up to a happy & excited "aww." When coloring in the car a few weeks ago he just couldn't quite decide what to draw so he put the colored pencil to his lip (he made sure they were puffed up and extra cute) and let out a big "hmm." His morning hair is still the best! He continues to master his guitar and is still a rock star on the other. The entire family has joined the band with a piano, tambourine, recorder (I think it's mine from middle school!), and there's even a rain stick if he chooses to add that to the mix. One day he wanted us to all join in while standing in the front yard and we now sort of wonder what the neighbors may think of us (we get really into it). If he wants to show off while we have a visitor he'll make sure to let them know he's playing just for them as he looks over with a big smile on his face while he strums away. Oh yes ― I cannot overlook the fact that if he chooses that his pants are an appropriate place to potty he's got that under control with his sumo stance. He loves wearing his sunglasses and he's all about his baseball caps! Oh and that fountain happens to be in front of one of our favorite spots to bike to ― Yogurland and Chipotle. Life just doesn't get much better with In-N-Out, HomeGoods, Marshalls, and Sprouts Market all in the same shopping center. Happy Friday friends!