26 July 2013

Life Lately

Hi friends! Just stopping by to share a few things from life lately. As you may have been able to tell from my instagram feed, I've been snapping lots of quick shots of greenery. I suppose it's part of this whole slowing down thing that really has resonated with me & also my growing admiration for mother nature. On that same green note, The Flower Recipe Book arrived in the mail this week which I'm looking forward to slowly digging into it. I spotted the book on a solo adventure to Anthropologie. Such a treat & I totally bought those patterned pants ― definitely out of my comfort zone but I'm trying to branch out a bit over here. Slowly building my closet and editing it is one of those simple joys that I just get delight out of. Along with that goes the simple joy of only having one brand of nail polishes. If you ever want to bring a little joy into my life show up with one of these in a new color! Have a wonderful weekend friends! I'll be helping Tommy's grandmother with a garage sale (love a good purge!) and spending quiet time with family. I truly am thankful to have such loving and supportive by my side. xo