17 August 2012

Thoughts | On Connecting

It’s always refreshing to come across words that are inevitably genuine. Ariel and Jessica have inspired me to do the same. When I first was drawn to blogging a few years ago I would simply share things that inspired me and caught my eye. I didn’t start to get more personal with what I shared on my blog until Thomas and I found out we were expecting our first child and since his arrival my blogging has been sporadic. I don’t nearly spend as much time browsing blogs as I used to. Now there are a few I visit frequently, sprinkled with some others I happen to stumble upon. Those that I frequent though all have something in common- they’re personal. All in their own way, but yet readers get a glimpse at the person behind the blog. So although I am not quite sure what I will be sharing here, I do know that I want it to feel genuine to who I am and personal. My hope is to connect with like minded individuals and create friendships that otherwise would not have been.

Photo | While pushing B along on a jog, I had to stop and quickly capture the solitude of this man with the sky's colors as the backdrop.